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“I can’t believe the difference in my life over the past few months since starting work with Sara. After years of success in my career, I hit a plateau that put me in a negative space. This left me feeling down, lost, and somewhat hopeless. The work we’ve done together over just a short period of time has pulled me out of the negative path I was allowing myself to go down and into a path where I feel confident, energized, and excited. I have encountered amazing new opportunities and have the momentum I was looking for!

Sara is one of the most caring, genuine, and honest people I have ever met. I would recommend Sara’s coaching to anyone who wants to know themselves more fully, to grow, and to gain a road map for more authentic success.”


Live Your Purpose Coaching

“Before meeting Sara, I knew that I was on a three-year plan for finding a new career . . . but I had no idea what I wanted to do or was even qualified to do. While I was nervous in the beginning, Sara made me feel completely at ease and was so attentive to my needs.

Sara works you to your innermost core while you are discovering your life purpose and supports you every step of the way. Coaching has given me a positive outlook on my current job and a clear picture of my new career. I know that I have many qualifications for the job I want and feel positive that I will get the job I am seeking.”


“I was referred to Sara from someone who knew I was exploring big changes in my work life.  I was burnt out and developing a negative view of work.

Sara encouraged me to examine my mental habits surrounding my expectations of myself in work.  She helped me believe that I could create and own a work life which encompassed my talents, values, and purpose. I benefited greatly from Sara, a coach who knew how to listen, question, and encourage me.  I now feel ownership of my work life and have a much more positive outlook.”


Live Your Purpose Coaching

“I came to Sara in a time of feeling like I had no direction, career-wise. Through working with her I was able to dive so much deeper than determining what I wanted to do (work in health and wellness in low-income communities); I was able to forge a path for understanding and creating space for who I am and how I want to be in the world.

Sara is 100% invested. Her questions and reflections on what I would share gave me confidence and clarity. I now have a solidified “tool box” that I can fall back on when I am feeling like I need to be grounded and find direction.”


“After two Peace Corps assignments, meeting with Sara was just what I needed to align my deepest convictions of who I knew I was and who I wanted to become.

I honestly never imagined that I could be so satisfied in my career and in my family life, and I feel I owe much of my present satisfaction in life to Sara’s influence on me in that very critical and transitional time in my life.  She taught me that life is a mission and not a career.  She helped me establish persistence and kindness as ruling properties in my family.”


Live Your Purpose Coaching
Live Your Purpose Coaching

“I figured a program like this would be a commitment, which it was, but what I didn’t know was how affirming, enjoyable, and truly helpful something like this could be. Sara is so clearly passionate about this work and dedicated to being your advocate. I was stuck, and working with Sara really helped me reconnect with the deeper values and confidence I struggled to cultivate on my own. “

She always truly listened, and had the rare ability to connect my personal process with her own knowledge and perspective without ever over-valuing one or the other. Thanks to Sara’s approach, I will be applying to graduate schools this fall with an attitude of self-trust and self-reflection. I feel free to make this decision not from a place of anxiety about making the “right” choice, but with the confidence that I can trust my values; that living from these values will make any path I choose a meaningful one.


“Working with Sara provided me with encouragement, inspiration, and clarity at a time when I felt uncertain. Her calm, centered energy, and authentic desire to see me succeed has helped me break through obstacles and uncover solutions.

My sessions with Sara have proven to be a tremendous asset, and have helped me successfully navigate the daunting process of setting up a catering business. Working through this process has given me the confidence to follow my dream of entrepreneurship!”


Live Your Purpose Coaching
Live Your Purpose Coaching

“Before coaching I found myself feeling unorganized, unable to focus, and unclear about my future. Throughout my sessions with Sara, she held me accountable, helped me to set better goals, and challenged me to come up with answers to the deeply complicated questions that arise when you are trying to discover your life purpose.

She helped me connect the unorganized dots in my head to see the full picture. After coaching, I have a clearer vision of what lies ahead with me, and I have the tools I need when inevitable challenges come my way.”


“After attending Holy Cross and doing Jesuit Volunteer Corps, where intentional living and reflection were more commonplace, I’ve felt a lack of connection with the values I cultivated so deeply during those years. Coaching has really helped me to integrate those values into my daily (adult) life by first understanding what makes me feel whole and taking the practical, achievable steps towards that state of being.

I feel energized and affirmed after our sessions, and extremely supported by Sara—a true partnership. Coaching has helped me to feel more alive and more at home with who I am.”


Live Your Purpose Coaching
Live Your Purpose Coaching

“Since I started working with Sara, I am more trusting of my journey.  I have a deeper internal confidence, that I hope grows into an external confidence to express myself more freely in all aspects of my life.

Through coaching, I learned how to ground myself in my values and partake in difficult discussions at work while staying aligned with who I am. I also learned the necessity of celebrating my heart, treating it with encouragement and prioritization.

Sara dedicated big chunks of her life to service, and that adds to the uniqueness of understanding and personal experience she has, that helps me as a Former Jesuit Volunteer really feel attached, relatable and understood by her. She is supportive, caring, loving, fun, introspective, and knows her ish. I really trust her, and that is hard for me to do. I definitely recommend working with her!”


“I came to work with Sara because I was in the biggest rut of my life. Not only did I not know how to move towards what I wanted, I didn’t know what I wanted in the first place, and I was beating myself up for not having a direction.

Sara helped me recognize how I was treating myself in deeply negative ways, and helped me come to understand some of the things that were most important to me. More so, she showed me how I could move to focus more on those things in my life. 

If you’re wanting to make a change in your life, but don’t know how to do that, are scared of doing that, or don’t know exactly what that means, you should absolutely work with Sara.”


Live Your Purpose Coaching

“I really appreciate the flexibility I’ve received through the whole coaching process, and Sara really listening to what I’m saying and responding to that. I’m so impressed with her breadth of knowledge and ability to try different strategies, and I’m continually impressed with her dedication and commitment to the relationship.

I appreciate how she sends me things [extra resources] that she thinks would be helpful. It really shows how much she cares.”