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These days, you’re feeling stuck.

See if any of this sounds familiar:

♦ You’ve lost interest in your job—and it’s bringing down the rest of your life.

♦ You feel less confident overall, not as social and connected to others.

♦ You feel less hopeful about the future and your ability to change things.

♦ You’d like to change your work, but have no idea how.

♦ The most frustrating part is you know your current job isn’t working—but can’t pinpoint exactly why, or what you’d want instead.

If this is you, you’re probably pretty exhausted by now. But none of this is who you are—or how you have to move forward.


A 20-minute online assessment that shows you why you feel stuck right now—and helps you start to create the work future you want.  

To move forward, you have to first get out of your own way.

So the ELI assessment helps you recognize both how your energy is currently working for you, and also against you and how you’re sabotaging yourself (we all have ways). Once you get aware of this whole picture, you can identify ways you want to change–plus tap into more of the high level energy that already lives in you.

When you become more balanced and conscious in your life by accessing your higher energy, you judge others and yourself less. You feel more purpose, joy, and movement. You literally invite more positive connection and ease and success into your life.

The result?

Work and a larger life that feels more fulfilling, grounded, and connected–in which you’re fully yourself, doing the work you’re here for.

How the ELI experience is different from other assessments:

1. The ELI is not a personality assessment; it’s an attitudinal assessment. And your attitude can change.

The ELI doesn’t attempt to label you as a certain type to help you function well within that label. It measures your energy right now, based on your attitude or perspective of your world—and gives you ways to raise it. 

The best part is that once you just get aware of all the different energy inside you, you can consciously choose the type you want to tap into more in your life in general right now. And you can also choose the energy that will help you most in any given situation.

Learning how to choose and change our energy is a game-changer. We gain calm control of ourselves, and it transforms the way we walk around the world.

2. The ELI assessment comes with a personalized phone debrief with me, so you can understand what your results mean for you–and strategize how you want to move forward right away.

We’re each complex individuals with unique purposes and different experiences–no two of us are the same. The special thing about the ELI process is that at the end, you aren’t given a generic, printed list of personal growth recommendations for your primary energy level to navigate on your own.

Instead, you and I walk through your results together, level by level, on the phone in a 60-minute ELI debrief call. I share things you might be experiencing based on your current mix of levels, you reflect on what resonates for you, and we determine what feels significant for you to work on.

You leave the call with two steps you can take immediately to raise your energy and move forward into the life you want.

How the ELI works, step by step: 

1. InvestThe Energy Leadership Index Assessment—including the 20-minute online assessment, 10-page results report, and 60-minute debrief with me—is $189. After investing in your ELI, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with the assessment, and instructions on how to take it and how to schedule your debrief.

2. AssessYou need about 20 minutes to take the ELI assessment. Try to find an uninterrupted place and time that allows you to relax and be honest with yourself.

3. ReviewYour results will be sent to me after you take the ELI. You’ll receive your results (a 10-page report) over email 24 hours before your scheduled debrief.

4. DebriefAgain, during the debrief, you’ll learn specifically what’s been holding you back and what energy you already have that you want to cultivate to move forward. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what’s been in your way and two changes to make immediately to see results.

Ready to raise your energy?

Fantastic! Contact me with any questions about the ELI, or:

Live Your Purpose-Coaching


Professional Chef;

“Before I took the ELI, I was in a space of negativity, confusion and conflict.

Debriefing in depth with Sara about my results, it was comforting to understand why I was living in lower levels at that point in my life. Once I had the awareness, I was able to see what level I want to live in, and assess my actions to make sure they are lining up with it.

Neither the ELI nor Sara’s explanation of my results felt difficult, negative, or confrontational. On the contrary, going through the results felt eye opening in a safe, understanding, compassionate way.

I would highly recommend taking the ELI and debriefing with Sara to anyone that is looking to take their life, relationship, and career into a higher level. The ELI will help you understand yourself and know the work it takes to get there.  It has certainly helped me.”